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The Elemental

The Elemental collection is handmade by Darwin-based slow fashion brand Ossom featuring beautiful silk, cotton, and linen fabrics handprinted by aboriginal artists from the Tiwi Designs art centre. Same as artworks from Tiwi, garments from the Elemental collection are bold, minimalistic with predominantly geometrical lines and free silhouette. We have created a capsule collection of basic pieces that like elements can be blended over and over again to create new looks. The loose silhouette of the garments allows showcasing artwork screen printed into premium quality natural fabrics. The range of accessories is made from fabric leftovers that helps to minimise the amount of fabric waste. The collection is made with permission and under the supervision of the Tiwi Designs Art Centre by a non-Indigenous designer Olga Bryukhovets and was released at Country to Couture 2021 runway. 
 All the fabrics are handprinted by Tiwi Designs artists on site. 
Tiwi Design is one of the oldest and most artistically diverse art centres in Australia.The art centre produces ochre paintings on canvas and bark, ironwood carvings, screen printed fabrics, ceramics, bronze and glass sculptures as well as limited edition prints.The aim of the corporation is to promote, preserve and enrich Tiwi culture.  Check Tiwi Designs website now: Tiwi Tours | Tiwi Designs

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