I'm a linen lover and over the years of using this fabric, I found of tricks that allow my linen clothes to look great with minimum effort! 

Of course, it's always best to hand wash your linens, but you can use as well delicate cycle if you machine wash with temperature not higher than 30° C. 
Make sure that you don't use washing products that contain CHLORINE - it damages flax fiber and washes out. As well to prevent fabrics from fading, add a tablespoon of vinegar to the water when rinsing.

To make your white linen garments easier to wash, follow : at first your white linen 
must be soaped well and held for an hour in warm water (warm, but not hot!    30° C, otherwise linen may shrink). Next, add washing powder and a tablespoon of vinegar to the water. Then wash it, rinse well in cold water and hang to dry.


My way is to dry my linens outdoors in a horizontal position - I love the smell of fresh linen after drying outdoors plus it makes your linen clothes wrinkle less (bye-bye iron!). But it's very important to make sure that you dry your linens not under direct sunlight -  with our strong Australian sun, may fade.
If you are drying indoors, you should first thoroughly shake garments - it will straighten the fabric. Place your linens to dry away from heating appliances and please don't forget to avoid direct sunlight.

I love "crush linen" look, so I usually dry my and don't iron them. But if it's not your case, consider that linen is best ironed wet, so do not let your linens totally dry out or use water spray to them before ironing.
Iron your linen garments at the maximum temperature from the front side -  it will bring back to linen fabric its original shine.


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