“My wardrobe is full of stuff and I have no idea what to wear... I don’t know how to combine, I’m too lazy to compose images, I have no imagination,” sounds familiar? Yep, was the same for me! There are a couple of ways you can solve this problem!

 Did you know what having a basic wardrobe makes your shopping a lot easier and saves you heaps of money? All you need is to find that couple of styles of tops and bottoms that sit perfectly and understand your colour preferences and combinations that look flattering with your skin/eyes and hair colour (I promise to write you about colour schemes in the next post).

So where do you start? I would suggest starting with the clothes you already have. Put all your clothes out from the wardrobe, try them on in front of the mirror and think, if you like the way they sit, did you wear them last 6 months and will you wear them next year. If not – give your preloved clothes to friends or donate to op shops, get creative with upcycling, just don’t throw them in the bin as they will go directly to landfill and it’s definitely not good.

To make it tidy and easy to find stuff, I personally organize all clothes in my wardrobe by colour (it makes it so easy to combine). You can do the same or can use tops-skirts-dresses-pants method, find what is most comfortable for you.

 So now after you have cleaned your wardrobe you know all treasures you have there and can easily find out what do you need to create that perfect basic wardrobe.

First of all, building the Basic wardrobe (the simplest and most ingenious solution in the fashion world), will always help you out.

My Five tips to build your perfect basic wardrobe:

 - Things should be comfortable and should relate with your lifestyle.

 - Things should be your size, they should not wait until you lose/gain weight or get in better shape - only perfect fit accepted!

 - Things should be suitable for your personality.  Do not chase fashion.  The basic wardrobe should have universal classic things, and fashionable nuances can always be added using accessories.

 - The quality of basic things is a must!  Pay a bit more, but choose well-made garments. After all, you will wear them for several seasons.

 - Each new item that you buy should be combined with at least three things from your base wardrobe. So going shopping keep in mind all the core pieces you have already got.

 So as you understood, the main idea is to understand what colour is perfect for you and find couple of flattering styles of clothing and then just combine it in multiple ways! 

 Want to go a bit further than Basic? No problems! Choose minimalism. This is the best option for people who has limited time to deal with shopping, style and trends. So, couple tips regarding minimalistic wardrobe: ⠀

  • The easiest way to solve every day “what-to-wear” problem is choosing b / w + beige tones or a couple of neutrals  for your color type.
  • Choose no prints or classic prints (stripes, polka dot etc) - like this you are not limited within fashion trends, you don’t have to think about combining colours and prints. 
  • Less details. Choose neat and simple cut if your outfits, without an overload of details and textures.
  • Choose quality fabrics for your simple outfits - it will make you look elegant and stylish with no efforts. 

  Minimal amount of colours and prints, less details, minimalistic design of clothes makes shopping fast and easy, same as getting dressed everyday.

 Hope you will enjoy reorganizing your wardrobe and get heaps of new looks from your favourite pieces!



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