What I really love about being sole trader – that you have to be pro in so many different things (or you need heaps of money to pay other pros)

When you make clothes you are constantly in need of quality photos for social media and for your website. So one day you get to the level when you actually need to organize real photoshoot with professional photographers, models, hair&make up artists. And if it’s not something you do every day – you may get lost!

Thanks to my modeling background in the fashion industry, I pretty much understand how to organize photoshoot and today  I will share my knowledge with you!

So, to start with, I would totally suggest browsing for the photoshoot mood references – I usually make small moodboard to get inspired! I obviously use Pinterest and create my moodboards there, like this you can make a whole board and pin there light, make up and hair style you like, poses etc and then you will be able to share it with other people involved in photoshoot.

After you know mood of your photoshoot , prepare a kind of look book, go through each piece you need to take a picture of, think about color combinations, accessories, shoes, etc. I usually take a photo of each look and then as well write description – what do we have to pay attention for, do we need close-ups, what details to shoot etc. as during shooting you may be super busy and forget about it!

 And now we get to super important step – finding the right photographer. That’s a complicated one! But as you have already mood board for your photoshoot, just try to find a couple of photographers in your area that shoot in the same mood and has made fashion shootings already.  I would say that the right photographer is 70% of the success of your photoshoot, so don’t go for the cheapest one or a friend who’s got a professional camera – choose carefully as you don’t want to waste your time and money and get ugly photos in the end.  

After you have chosen a couple of photographers, meet them, show your references, talk about the result you need (mention where do you want to use photos as for website and for social media, you will need different content), discuss how many looks you need to shoot and get a quote. And then go with your heart…. Personally for me is very important to have good vibes at the photoshoot, so I always try to work with people I like only. 

When you know who will be your photographer, it’s easier to work as a team – usually, photographers have good connections with model agencies, make up artists and know great locations, so you can always ask for help with choosing a location or getting right make up artist.

And then…. Its the day of the shooting! Try to get everything you need to do and take with you written down like this you minimize chances to forget something! Get some great music to get inspo, powerbank/charger for your phone (as I’m sure you will take heaps of backstage photos and videos),  drinks and snacks for the team and great mood (that’s main)!

I’m pretty sure you will have a great experience doing your photoshoot and will be extremely happy with results! Hope my post was useful for you:)

And here is a couple of backstage photos of my recent shooting. Thank you, my dream team, for doing it!

Photographer: Zoe Claire Photography (she is extremely talented and knows well  how to work with models!)

Models: gorgeous Eliza, Kodi, and Paige from Passerella Models, super beautiful and very professional models!

Make up: Kat from NK Darwin, always doing it perfectly, no retouch needed!

Hair: Comb Culture, that was our first collaboration and I’m extremely happy with the result!

Location: Stone House wine bar – my favorite bar in Darwin!


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