Could I, poor Ukrainian girl, dream about becoming a princess? Definitely! Since I remember myself I was sketching Royal gowns, draping my grandma's scarves around me, and pretending that I'm at the Gala Ball dancing with the prince. 
Despite my passion for dancing is not fully realized yet, my passion for beautiful clothing became my hobby and at some point turned into my business - and slow fashion brand Ossom was born. 
Recently I spoke with a journalist from Take 5 Magazine to tell them a story behind my queen Elizabeth I dress called "Trash to Treasure".  I made this beautiful gown from Elizabethan Era upcycling kids' clothing, old curtains, cushion covers, and table cloth. Over 50 hours of work, over 1300 beads handsewn, and voila - queen's dress is ready! 
I was telling to a journalist how I struggled to make collar - the most beautiful and most complicated part of this garment, the Ruff (that's the name of the collar during that time) - that's a statement piece of that era, it was a sign of wealth and class, more important you are (or you think you are ) - bigger and frillier is you ruff! They even had special extremely long spoons to eat and keep their Ruff clean. I have put 4 layers of old curtain together and embroidered over it, then hand-shaped it into frill and decorated it with pearl beads. 
Another piece that took me hours was stomacher - a detail that covers a corset at the front, made from a very old cushion cover. I had to add boning for it to keep shape, embroider it and embellish with tonnes of pearl beads! 
My husband had to be my model from time to time so I could pin and adjust all the parts of the garments, now I feel like I have to make a prince garment for him :)
When the dress was ready it took us good 45 minutes to put it on, but then I looked into the mirror and was totally amazed - I really was a queen! Such a great feeling when you dress like a queen, wearing a corset, stomacher, and layers of underskirts, but after 20-30 minutes you understand why we all wear jeans and t-shirts - it's a lot comfier!


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