Mood, lifestyle, trends, the weather outside – all of these factors change what colours we are choosing to wear. I was always interested in colours and I did my small research from different points of view -  historical (I love my new book about the history of fashion by Madge Garland), psychological, symbolic and art prospective. 

An interesting fact about colour:

  • Scientifically, colours have been proven to affect our mood and perception, and there is evidence of this form of therapy dating back to ancient Egypt. In fact, colour and light healing was the first type of ‘therapy’ used by humankind!
  • Did you know that colour is the sensation that we receive when light beams into our eyes? People subconsciously evaluate all that they saw within only 90 seconds and this assessment by 62-90% is based on colour!  
  • Any color can be read as a word, interpreted as a signal or symbol, so it’s better to know meanings of colours! 

 When we start to speak about colours it’s good to know some basic info. So, lets start! 

There are three primary colours – red, blue and yellow. Why they are primary? Because we can’t mix them from other colours. But if you have red, blue and yellow, you can make all colours in the world by mixing them in right proportions.


Colour of excitement, love, passion, power, and danger in Western cultures. Red is most active among the colours, it’s a very saturated and hot colour. 

It brings positive emotions and joy, raises energy levels, makes you wanna dance, move, communicate, create! It’s actually stimulates the nervous system and improves blood circulation, increases sexuality and sex drive.   

This colour gives you extra self-confidence and helps you to find ways of solving problems! And if we are talking from the fashion perspective, red is one of the most classic colours, it was there from the times of The Roman Empire and it will be there forever. 


One of my favorites! Serious, mysterious, and pure, this colour is a symbol of faith, hope and fate. Blue is considered the safest color choice around the world since it has many positive associations.

Blue is a very calming colour which contributes to mental and physical relaxation, creates a safe atmosphere. On physiological level blue hills insomnia, it’s a good anesthetic, rejuvenates and raises creativity! Blue clears your mind, helps with decision making!

Blue colour was always popular, but only in the 15th-century indigo dyes were brought to Europe from the East. And since then blue had its triumph: it began to appear in the clothes of noble people and, over time, practically supplanted red colour.

Each season we have different shades of blue in trend,  but this year blue is a total winner  -  Classic blue is a colour of 2020 by Pantone! 


Yellow is colour of attraction, it evokes sympathy and positive emotions: fun, a pleasant feeling of well-being, happiness, liberation, movement, independence, youth. A warm, light, bright, flowing, joyful colour. Yellow colour stimulates mental activity. It is associated with intelligence and expressiveness.

  Yellow helps you accept new ideas and other people's perspectives. This is the colour of optimism, it promotes better self-organization and concentration.Yellow colour has complicated relations with fashion, since ancient times, dyers used different roots and bark of plants to achieve different shades of yellow. Rhubarb, fustic and onion peel dyes were available for everyone, so brown and dull yellow tones have long been considered the colours of the lowest class. Dyes that provided high quality, bright and durable colour were expensive and the main consumers of such fabrics were only rich people.Definitely not the most popular, but yellow comes back to fashion every now and then in beautiful mustard, turmeric, honey and ochre shades!  


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