So, last time we spoke about primary colours. To tell you the truth, you can write a book about each colour – its history, meaning, ways of production in textile industry, etc. But to make long story short we will proceed further to secondary colours.

Just to remind you, there are three primary colours – red, blue and yellow. Why they are primary? Because we can’t mix them from other colours. Colours which you can get by mixing primary colours are called secondary – its green, orange and purple.


Its a low-saturated, warm, light, colour of bliss, glow, colour of sunsets.  Orange contributes to a good mood, stimulates our emotions, creates a sense of well-being and fun. It symbolizes pleasure, celebration, nobility, releases emotions, raises self-esteem, teaches forgiveness. An excellent antidepressant!

Orange is located between the red and yellow on the colour spectrum, therefore it has the properties of both of these two colors. It energizes like red and promotes thought process like yellow. On a psychological level, orange clears away unpleasant feelings, helps to accept negative events in life, helps to forgive another person, to let go of an insoluble situation. 

Orange colour has been in fashion for a long time, fashionistas of XIX century preferred lighter shades during the day, choosing more saturated shades for the evening time. Its was quite popular to make a custom shade of orange and give it some interesting name, for example, one fashion magazine wrote in January 1862: "The French do not miss a single wonderful incident without applying it to their fashion. After Vesuvius eruption recently - they considered it as an indispensable duty to glorify this event and invented the new colour called "Vesuvius." It is nothing more than orange flowing into the punch. " Bloody orange, that’s impressive!


Did you know, that from the millions of colour tones, our eyes distinguish the most all shades of green? Maybe because it is a colour of life. Green is rich, calm, fresh, gentle, pacifying, lively colour. It symbolizes peace, calmness, love, growth, incredible harmony. This colour unites us with nature and helps to be closer to each other.

Green has a positive effect on the nervous system, soothes irritation, relieves fatigue, pacifies, invigorates, refreshes, relieves nervous tension.

From the fashion perspective, it looks like green was always there – this colour is much easier to dye than red or blue, so it was one of the most common colours of clothing. Since the middle of the XIX century with the invention of chemical dyes we see all that bright and gorgeous shades of green – olive, sage, mint, lime, spring green and many more! My absolute favourite is emerald green, I found that it works almost for all skin tones!


That’s my absolute favourite (I found it quite hard to wear it in clothing but love accessories and shoes in this colour). Purple is intense, cold, heavy, calm, mysterious. It symbolizes wisdom, maturity, higher intelligence, deepness. Purple gives a luxurious look to outfits, but in large quantities can cause a touch of melancholy.

It’s a very artistic colour that promotes inspiration, compassion, sensitivity. Purple is a majestic colour that has always been present in the clothes of kings and clergy. It will help you learn to accept everything that happens with a piece in heart, will calm your soul and nourish it with the energy of inspiration.

As for me – purple is the perfect colour for evening gowns, that will add a luxurious touch to even simple style and will make the whole look mysterious!

Hope this post was interesting, in next one we will speak about miracle of colour wheel, stay tuned!





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