Recently we have watched David Attenborough's movie A Life on Our Planet and I’ve tried to explain to my 4 y.o. son Leo why we are killing our Planet and bring so many species to extinction.

 You may or may not believe in global warming, but there are numbers that we can’t argue with. Worldwide, 60% of vertebrate animals have been wiped out since 1970. Freshwater habitats are the worst hit, with populations having collapsed by 83% @thegiardian says. These numbers are frustrating and shocking, it’s alert to us that it’s time to make a change! 

 We always think - that’s not me killing all those animals, I can’t do much, but actually, it’s a lot of power in your hands and yes, you can change it! 

 So, here is some super easy things that you can do in your life to make it more sustainable. Sustainable living describes a lifestyle that attempts to reduce an individual’s or society’s use of the Earth's natural resources. It is often called as "earth harmony living" or "net-zero living"

Basically all we need to do is to reduce our consumption. Easy to say but looks hard to do it? Here is our list of 10 easy steps towards sustainability:

  1. Save electricity by using a maximum of daylight! Solar panels, smart light devices, LED lamps are great, as well as simply turning off all lights and devices you don’t need. 
  2. Get a set of produce bags so you can go plastic-free while you doing your shopping! Fabric produce bags are good for the environment and they are much better for your fruits and veggies than plastic bags as they are breathable and made from biodegradable materials! And don’t forget about linen bread bags - an eco-friendly way of storing and keeping your bread fresh for longer! 
  3. Drive less! Taking public transport is good but waking or going by bicycle to your work is much better (and for your body too!)
  4. Stop buying bottled water and if you still have to do it - don’t forget to recycle all the bottles!
  5. Go digital, save tons of paper which we use for receipts, copies, and notes!
  6. Do op shopping as you can find almost all you need in this treasure land! Clothing, Cuttlery, furniture saved from op shops gets its second life without the usage of any new resources!
  7. Reduce food waste. Make a food plan for a week and buy only what you need. And do not forget to compost all the leftovers! 
  8. Shop local instead of imported as it reduces the use of fossil fuels, needless plastic packaging, and supports your community at the same time! 
  9. Choose natural fabrics for your clothing. It’s good for your body and it’s much better for Mother Earth. Choose eco-friendly biodegradable material as linen as it needs far less water for its production than cotton! 
  10. Spend more time outside uniting with Nature! 


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