Is being a good mum and running your small business at the same time - a miracle? Yes and no, it all depends on your approach to it. 

Personally for me was pretty important to see my son Leo's first steps, hear his first words, make his first achievements together. That's why I have chosen to start my small business in women's fashion and sew from home. Was it hard? Yes, especially when you see your little one running around with scissors trying to cut all you have just made or playing with threads (and then it's your mum turn to play rolling them all back) :) 

So for all those who are thinking about starting smallbiz  I have prepared a couple of tips which may be helpful to make a decision.

Three tips for mums wanting to start a business:


  1. Think why you want to start it. If it’s question of money - don’t (running small business it’s not heaps of money in the beginning), if you feel bored and want to do something new - don’t, find a courses, do some art work, volunteer. If it’s something you always dreamed about - go ahead, you will absolutely enjoy this journey! 
  2. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. It’s great experience and it’s always moving forward
  3. Ask for help. Being a mumpreneur it’s not easy and we all at some point find that there is no energy left. You feel that your small business is not rewarding and you are tired to run it. It’s time to ask for help! And you will be amazed how your family and your friend will be happy to support you. 

How to balance mum and business life?  You have to prioritize things - starting from your family life up to every day to-do list. It’s still only 24 hours in a day, so do things which really important for you! 


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