It was so great to see our collaborative VEINS collection by Ossom x Ilma Ali shine on a stage of Brisbane Fashion Month on Friday 14 October! Being a part of a Slow Fashion Runway totally reflects our values - celebrating slow, intentional, quality fashion design that is sourced and made in ethical and sustainable ways.  Ossom has been a part of slow fashion movement since the launch of its first collection in 2018, no wonder for Veins collection we decided to stick to "made-to-order" principle, offering custom made pieces thoughtfully crafted from high end fabrics like silks and smooth satins printed with artworks of Darwin based artist Ilma Ali.


Veins collection is inspired by the silent and serpentine nature of veins in every living organism focusing on natures beauty and preservation of it.  The wearable artworks explore patterns on leaves and husks found in Australia. They are the veins found in a Eucalyptus leaf, a Croton and Bromeliad leaf and a Cycad Husk. These patterns expose the microscopic cells that connect us. Ilma Ali’s artworks are transformed into fabrics that have been converted into signature cuts - designed, made, and styled by Olga from OSSOM. 


Eight selected looks from Veins collection were styled with colourful  earrings with purpose by Johanna Goldsmith from Make Me Giddy specially created to match this collection. Joyful mood to runway was added with juicy colours of Slappa's Thongs, provided by our dear friend and supporter Denise Dunn. She kindly brought over 60 pairs for us to play and match them with outfits. It was so amazing to see extremely gorgeous models doing defile with our collection under the lights on a stage on Queen Street, it was definitely a moment to remember! 


Huge thanks to Laura Churchill and all amazing team of Brisbane Fashion Month for putting together this runway and running it soooo smothly! As very often we organise our fashion shows ourself, we know how much work is going on to make it look nice and easy!

Thanks to all the designers who joined us for the Slow Fashion Runway:

@Polkapolly with Theresa Evelyn Designs





It's so good to be surrounded by like minded people!


As you remember, our VEINS collection is available here

Each time you place your order, Olga and Ilma do happy dance


Thank you :)






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