If PASSION, RESILIENCE, and HEART was captured in a photo, this would be it!

Yes, we did it again - strong and beautiful women got together to celebrate the uniqueness and power of mother nature hidden in all creatures!  As Veins connect everything around us, Veins collection connected us with an amazing creative soul - Darwin-based artist Ilma Ali, who created prints for this collection. 

Veins collection is inspired by the silent and serpentine nature of veins in every living organism. The wearable artworks explore patterns on leaves and husks found in Australia. They are the veins found in a Eucalyptus leaf, a Croton and Bromeliad leaf and a Cycad Husk. These patterns expose the microscopic cells that connect us.
Ilma Ali’s artworks are transformed into fabrics that have been converted into signature cuts - designed, made, and styled by Olga from OSSOM.

We want to thank everyone involved in this collaborative collection!

Our friend, talented maker Johanna from Make me Giddy created a very special collection of ‘Veins’ earrings in Croton, Eucalyptus, Bromeliad and Cycad Husk prints, so you can easily style your Veins outfit!

We were really lucky to havegorgeous women modelling for us  – Farah, Divine, Fifi, Doris, Prasanthi,
Giang, Taghreed, Pella, Dorcas, Mauwa, Zey, Mariana, Marie, Olena, Sucharita, Sifa and Merci - women from Melaleuca Australia! Malaleuca Australia is a specialist organisation that supports humanitarian entrants, migrants, and people from culturally and linguistically iverse (CaLD) backgrounds of all ages, settle in the Northern Territory.

The local shoe label ‘Slappa thongs’ who are committed to durable and ergonomic designs provided us with their amazing thongs. Thank you Denise Dunn who has been a massive support.

Photography by @ngphotographics_australia
Fashion show was proudly sponsored by @ntgovernment


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