Hi! My name is Olga Bryukhovets, I'm Ukrainian cheek living in Australia.

I have started working in Fashion when I was 13 y.o. as a model in my home town - Odessa, I had my first modeling experience in Paris when I was 15. Since then for 10 years I was literally "person of the world' - I worked in over 30 different countries coming back to Ukraine just to restore my energy and see my family.

Working with famous fashion magazines like Vogue, Elle, Madame Figaro, etc. showed me a different point of Fashion - the world of beautiful garments, of unique masterpieces made by famous designers, the world of iconic items which will be in the history of Fashion for a long time! but as well I have noticed the dark side of Fashion - a huge impact on nature and enormous quantities of never worn clothing. Since then I became a big fan of Vintage clothing and op-shops, I believe that you can look stylish no matter how much money you've spent on your outfit. 

In order to implement my fashion ideas in real I've done a "Women clothing constriction and production" course, made my first couple of pieces with my mum's old sewing machine and I fell in love with making clothing!

In may 2018 I have started my own clothing brand -  my hobby and my love for fashion are united under a proud name OSSOM (slang version of awesome). 

OSSOM strives to provide exceptional clothing and accessories for women. The hallmark of OSSOM is to create affordable, high-quality and unique outfits to inspire every woman look and feel special and confident. At OSSOM every piece is made with love using natural fabrics, bright prints and simple comfortable styles.


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